There are 3 main things that form the central part of our mission:

We Are Doing This

It is important to know that we are practioners. We run our own Business As Mission projects. The founding network is actively pursuing new business interests, injecting effective outreach principles into them, with an eye to move towards a Private Equity fund of BAM projects.

Help Others

We also make ourselves available at times to consult into situations so that others can also learn maximize their Kingdom impact.

We are also growing the Resource page on this site with helpful articles and more so that readers can learn how to Maximize their Missional Impact.

See the Case Study below for how we apply outreach principles into a business context effectively.

Gather – Network

It’s easy for Christian business people to feel alone and discouraged. It’s often hard to know where to go to learn how to grow spiritually within a business context. We feel called to hold events with the business person in mind to help them develop, learn, and grow spiritually.

From time to time we organize conferences, retreats, trainings, and weekends away. These will be places to meet other like minded people to be encouraged, to learn, and to develop.

If any of this interests you, reach out and get in touch with us using the Contact page.

Case Study

For a more detailed example of how we work, perhaps read the case study of a novel resource we created for the business community. Business people all over the world feel under-equipped when it comes to knowing how to lovingly, and gently, allow their work to lead to gospel transformation. We wanted to do something about that.

Read the case study by clicking here.