Becoming Business As Mission

How do you move your Christian run business into a Business As Mission (BAM) business?

How can you deliver more impact for the Kingdom of God?

These are questions that many of us face as we show up to work Monday morning wishing we had more purpose.

For answers to these questions, and more, check out the presentation Colin Crawley gave to the 2021 Lion’s Den BAM conference:

Some caveats about this video:

  • There are some issues with the audio where it cuts out between slide transitions. Just a quirk of powerpoint audio recording.
  • After recording we noticed some minor errors we decided weren’t big enough to warrant re-recording but we thought we’d just mention here. On the Quadruple Bottom Line discussion, when Colin says pay-offs he actually means tradeoffs between bottom lines. Also, when discussing the Real Estate BAM fund at the end of the video, he mentions that it buys property all over the world. What he meant to say was all over the country, not all over the world.
  • We want to thank Chuck Welden for coining the phrases: intersection points, and fishing pond in relation to BAM work. Both of which we use in this presentation.
  • While not a focus of this presentation, we do touch on mission drift. A book that covers this well including the YMCA analogy given is “Mission Drift: The Unspoken Crisis Facing Leaders, Charities, and Churches Hardcover – February 18, 2014” by Peter Greer and Chris Horst.
  • For a more in-depth training on the Four Missional Milestones check out the free resource:


Founder of Creative Reach Ministries and; Former CEO of a British missions agency for the better part of 10 years; Former Executive Director of a global 'Business As Mission' division which established businesses in North America, Africa, Asia, and expanded businesses in Europe.